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Why Hospitals and Clinics Love AD1

What skills Helps us develop Our startagy?

Medical Tourism

We understand the Business side like no one does we worked in the most competitive market in the world with the top clinics in Europe.


Build an image that Communicates your identity with your potencial clientsis and What Differentiate a clinic that charges more than one that charges less is Branding, 

Sales Team

Help Sales teams with effective Scripts, Steps and proven techniques in our marketing offer and strategies to help grow your business faster

Spend Less
Make More

Enhance business growth with optimized sales funnels to Maximize Your investment & Save Expenses through ROI-driven tailored strategies

Have a free peek on what specialists do. 

Leads to Bookings in Simple 3-Steps

We use a 3-Steps process to high converting fast booked appointments


1. Book Your
Discovery Call

- Intro of our Process
- Business Analysis
- Outline Urgent Points
- Propose an initial vision
- Free Website & Ads audit


2. We Get
To Work

- Set-up Business Accounts
- Prepare CRM & Collect Media
- Custom-tailored Sales formula
- Create High converting ads materials
-Launch Marketing Campaigns


3. Bookings
Filled Calendar

- Patients Bookings Faster
- Build International Markets
- Waste Less & Convert more Leads
- Follow Up with Sales Team
- Build Reputation & Social Proof

Approach international Market opportunities!

What Skills Helps us Develop Our strategy?

with the powerful tools we create our strategy


Search Engine

Social Media


Have a free peek on what specialists do. 

Case Studies

Accounts visited

Ad Account visits show casing Results for Our Clients

Multiple client account was visited in the video showing some results we achieved and explaining some on each ad account.
During Discovery Calls we also show case some of the most effective ads we offer for our clients 

Have a free peek on what specialists do. 


Who We Are

Why AD1 Was found

Our team Consists of 7 talented experts of laser focused experiences, in Branding, Graphic Design, Automation, Advertising, Copy writing and Video production.

We are two brothers Taym & Nomer We found AD1Medical a digital marketing agency specializing in medical tourism-based clinics and hospitals. 

empowering medical tourism clinics and hospitals with our success formula maximizing their potential of their brand and their success in our modern globalized world.

nmmo and me 2


Hope this answers some of your questions until we meet!

We primarily work with businesses across North America, but we also have clients in Europe, South America & Gulf Area All of our work is done remotely and we have regular meetings and direct contact channels with you via Zoom.

Let’s be honest: we can’t help every brand out there. Anyone who says they can help every brand are either delusional or lying. We help brands that are in a specific position (those who are eligible fit) scale rapidly by adding $50k-$100k or more to their monthly revenue within 90 days or less.

We know who our ideal client is, and this is why we perform such a deep diagnosis of your current situation to truly understand your brand before working together. If we don’t think it will be a good fit, we will simply part ways and not waste any more of each others time. Because of this, we have one of the highest success rates in the industry.

The simple math equation 1 + 1 = 2 is undeniable. Similarly, our proven strategies work without a doubt when applied to the right brand. This certainty is why we confidently guarantee results for our clients.

If paid ads didn’t work for you before, it could be due to numerous reasons, but they all generally point to one key issue: the person handling your paid ad strategy might not have been a skilled professional who genuinely cared about your results.

They might not have known what they were doing, or perhaps they were experts, but you were just one among hundreds of their clients and maybe not their priority.

At our agency, we choose to work with a specific, limited number of clients, which allows us to dedicate all our energy to them. We select clients who meet our criteria, which gives us confidence in our strategy’s success. When challenges arise, we don’t just move on to sign another client. Instead, we persistently troubleshoot, evaluate, and refine until we deliver the promised results.

1. A strong proof of concept. 

During our deep diagnosis we get a grasp of your proof of concept by looking at what your current monthly numbers look like as well as your profitability.

2. Product-market fit. 
We cannot profitably market a product to a client that don’t exist. 
3. High product quality and customer experience. 
Whilst we can get people to buy essentially anything, we firmly and strongly take a moral standpoint against making people buy a product we wouldn’t otherwise buy ourselves given we were the ideal customer. We want to do good, and we only want to be a part of this if we know buyers will be truly happy after buying your products.
4. Culture fit 
We always look at clients as partners for years to come. We always ensure that our team along with your team are genuinely going to have deep and meaningful relationships throughout the long-term partnership. Ultimately we don’t care how much we’re being paid – if our values don’t align and we feel a client is acting in an immoral way then we can’t work with them. 

Depends on your current situation. For example, if we see that you’re bleeding money and it’s an easy fix, then we can improve that within a day. Our goal is to bring you the best immediate results possible to keep earning your business.

We reverse engineer that with you when we understand your goals and which marketing service you want help with. The answer will be learned from a combination of conversion volume, cost per conversion, and ROI you expect. For reference, we have clients spending as little as $3,000/month on ads to clients spending well over $500k/month in ads.

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